Conquest symbol

Conquest's expansion symbol. A step pyramid.

Conquest is TKL's first custom set. It is a stand alone multiplayer themed set with inspiration drawn from Aztec and Mayan civilizations. It is designed to be drafted.

Mechanics and Keywords

Conquest contains a new mechanic that can be used to temporarily ally with an opponent. Creatures and other permanents they control become your allies.

Ways to Play

Conquest is being designed to be drafted by 8 players and played in two multiplayer free-for-all games of 4 players each.

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CW16 Bribe of Men

Conquest Set Skeleton

Conquest Card Images

White Blue Black Red Green
CW01 CU01 CB01 CR01 CG01
CW02 CU02 CB02 CR02 CG02
CW03 CU03 CB03 CR03 CG03
CW04 CU04 CB04 CR04 CG04
CW05 CU05 CB05 CR05 CG05
CW06 CU06 CB06 CR06 CG06
CW07 CU07 CB07 CR07 CG07
CW08 CU08 CB08 CR08 CG08
CW09 CU09 CB09 CR09 CG09
CW10 CU10 CB10 CR10 CG10
CW11 CU11 CB11 CR11 CG11
CW12 CU12 CB12 CR12 CG12
CW13 CU13 CB13 CR13 CG13
CW14 CU14 CB14 CR14 CG14
CW15 CU15 CB15 CR15 CG15
CW16 CU16 CB16 CR16 CG16
CW17 CU17 CB17 CR17 CG17
CW18 CU18 CB18 CR18 CG18